Commitment to Myself – Spanish Fluency


Today, I make this commitment to myself to once and for all learn Spanish to a level of fluency that I may travel Central and South America freely as I do this country.  That I may pursue business opportunities that were once impossible to consider.  Also, that I may share kindness and wisdom with those […]

Checking In


Seeing if all is good in the [neighbor]hood.

Christmas Day Tornado – Alabama


From this height, it’s impossible to notice the damage caused by a tornado that raked through midtown Mobile, Alabama yesterday. In the wake of the Christmas day tornado, I find myself staring out an airplane window on a pre-scheduled flight back to New Jersey.  There, I must continue my work in the aftermath of another tragic event, […]

Yokohama Sushi – New Jersey

Yokohama Sushi & Hibachi

Tonight I had one of the best sushi dining experiences. Throughout all my travels, I’ve always made it a point to try out local sushi restaurants, and for the most part many of them turn out to be mediocre. In fact, in the last 8 years I’ve only had really great sushi twice. Once in […]

Jamba Juice – Texas


Jamba Juice is a great place for a healthy and refreshing smoothie. The place is clean, and most of the cashiers are friendly. If you need some help deciding what to get, then both Katie and Kim are wonderful at providing suggestions.  When in the area I try to visit this location a couple of […]

Flying Dog – Maryland

Flying Dog Neck Label

A Flying Dog brew prompts a visit to the Flying Dog Brewery. While in Frederick, Maryland I stopped at a convenience store for an adult beverage.  More specifically I was looking for a bottle of wine, but by Law many of the stores in Maryland aren’t allowed to sell wine or beer.  It turns out […]

Pivot Point

where creativity begins

This pivot point may appear to be an old hotel room, but it’s quite possibly the base of another peak on the way to the mountain summit.  Plan well, improvise the rest.

Howling Texas Wind

DFW - Texas Howling Wind

It’s a late Spring night here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and another weather front is pushing through. There’s a steady stream of sound being created by the wind that has begun to penetrate my window’s seal.  A strong erratic energy surging past my dwelling is causing an eerie howling noise similar to that of a distant […]

Texas Solar Eclipse Sunset

2012 Solar Eclipse - Texas, USA

While driving to Dallas, Texas I was treated to an unexpected solar eclipse. This photo was taken at the last minute with my camera phone. Not the picture I would have liked to have captured, but it’s enough to stir my memory of this unique and awesome event. I feel very fortunate to have experienced […]


Lindsay Marie

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