William McGill

“Our choices affect the balance of everything.”
William McGill

Hi, and welcome to my personal web site and blog. As some of you reading this already know, I am William McGill, and since 2003, with time and privacy concerns permitting, I have utilized this site to catalogue various topics of interest, some of which include nature, technology, astronomy, culture, travel, languages, ancient world history, open-source computing, business endeavors, cycling, healthy living, writing, meditation, and more importantly family.

All honorable visitors are welcome while keeping in mind that visual aesthetics and proper grammar are not my specialty.   However, I do appreciate a reader’s comments and suggestions as I’m often encouraged and/or educated by them.

To share a little bit about me, in February 2011, I completely withdrew from social media due to the engrossing and overly distracting nature of it. Still to this day I refuse to take part in the America Online reincarnation called Facebook. My long absence from social media occurred during my continuing TV sabbatical, and it was during this unique period that I began using my time more wisely by rejuvenating relationships with family, friends and colleagues the old fashioned way with a smile, a handshake or a hug, a “Nice to see you again”, “Pleased to meet you” or a “Let me take care of that for you.”

Numerous opportunities have continually emerged since, allowing me to travel the country, increase my marketability by acquiring new business skills, and take many steps towards learning and comprehending a new language. There was a great delight in discovering my inner child through yoga, and I now recommend that everyone give it a try. I certainly have no regrets about strengthening my mind and body through meditation, exercise and a healthier diet. These days I’m enjoying a more peaceful and satisfying life while continuing to lessen my exposure to propaganda and those pitching it. The list goes on, and I occasionally write about it here in my blog.

Thanks for visiting and please enjoy the rest of the site.


William H McGill, Jr