Parkland Florida High School Mass Shooting

To stop shootings, you have to have an armed populace that is trained and willing to respond / stand their ground. #BanGunFreeZones criminals don’t follow the rules. #ArmTeachers who are willing and capable, or hire a Veteran for security. Law abiding citizens support the 2A and carry every day!

#CCW #ConstitutionalCarry  #Pro2A #NotOnMyWatch #IamTheShepherd #OurHeartsAndPrayersAreWithParklandFlorida

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By William McGill

Like many people, I believe I’m here to make a positive difference in the lives of those around me, and thus the world. Through continual learning and meeting people from both near and far, I continue evolving into an adept person capable of and endeavoring to give back in beneficial and meaningful ways.

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William McGill