Info Tech & Security

William McGill

William McGill is someone whose underlying strengths are empathy, visualization, anticipation of behavior, and communications. He is routinely “walking in others shoes” and seeing problems from multiple angles and the long-term consequences of actions. Mapping processes and imagining where the likely pain points are located happens automatic. Having accumulated over two decades of technology & information security experience, he is the ultimate user advocate.


  • Systems administration, TCP/IP networking, and hardware
  • Encryption, cybersecurity, systems hardening, and pen testing
  • Systems integration, interfacing, and data mergers
  • Virtualization of apps, servers, storage, & networks
  • Cloud computing services
  • Full-stack web development (LEMP)

Within these systems and services:

  • GNU/Linux (Debian, Kali)
  • Unix (IBM AIX, BSD, SCO)
  • MS Windows (server, workstation)
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Utilizing the following packages and tools (partial list):

  • Apache, NGIИX, MySQL, MariaDB, SQL
  • Bash (Unix shell), C, JavaScript, PHP
  • VMware ESXi, Oracle VirtualBox
  • pfSense, OPNsense
  • WordPress, CMS

William McGill is a longtime information technology professional and proponent of network neutrality. He is also a veteran supporter of free/libre open-source software (FLOSS). “Free as in free speech, not free beer,” as Richard Stallman put it.

William McGill